Android ETN Wallet / Miner disconnects daily

Every day at least once a day when I check my ETN app on Android (Note 8) it says I’m not online and I have to exit the app and log in again to check balance, mine or send ETN. I have uninstalled and re-install the APP a few times… Hoping this gets fixed before any attempt at mass adoption. :frowning:

Any solutions to this?


Yes I have the same problem too and so do most others I think and they are aware of the issue. I heard, or read that they are trying to make the ios mining app, mine via the cloud, so in turn, solving the disconnecting issue and it should be rolled out on the android app too. I think…

I am with you on the same boat 2-5 every day phone Xiaomi Redmi note 4 Global…

Everyone has the same issue, Richard even touched on it in one of his videos. I think that time is being spent on developing the Cloud miner rather than messing about with the standard one we have (alog with whatever else the team are tackling). Makes sense and also it has been said you won’t require a constant data connection which is most important for people where data is an absolute premium asset.