An idea on how to further promote Anytask

So I have been thinking on how to draw more buyers and sellers to Anytask.

Anytask as we know is indirectly tied to ETN

Buyers pay in fiat and sellers get paid in ETN which is a fantastic arrangement.

Now the whole idea of advertising Anytask in developed countries is to attract buyers that wants little jobs done by hiring freelancers.

The money is there to be spent for such task by people in the developed economies and a crop of the sellers on Anytask are from developing countries which ETN seeks to empower financially as they sell task.

Now is TV and social media adverts enough to get Anytask out there to these “Buyers”

Well from my opinion we could incorporate celebrity endorsements and social media influencers, Anytask Ambassadors in universities and colleges in developed countries.

This will equally help to spread awareness and promote Anytask further which will indirectly have a positive reflection on Electroneum.

So if the Electroneum team are reading this, you may get a few ideas from this and work on it.

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