An email-based book for crypto wallets

Hi everyone! Sending crypto is cool, but you always have to share those long wallet public keys.
Wouldn’t it be better to share public information that is easy to remember, such as your email address?
We have created My Wallet Book, a service that does just that. You signup with your email, and then add you wallets. Instead of sharing them, share directly your email, and people can retrieve your wallets on My Wallet Book.
We also have QR codes that work with Electroneum :slight_smile:
Share our cool widget on your website, and when you change wallets simply do it on My Wallet Book, no need to publish them everywhere.

The service is:

  • Free, forever
  • Safe: we never ask for passwords or private keys

Full description:

Questions and critique are welcome, we want to offer a good service and we are always willing to make it better!

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