Alternative Option for CPU/GPU miners


Make it a community x3 pool. I can house quite a few here. We have talked about it.
My very near friend Jokke talked earlier on it.


Putting up some pooof power
Mh hashes


joined a few hours ago with a PC and a Mac (abt. 808 and 372 h/s), I’m using xmr-stak, it makes abt 1.2 ETN/hours


Will need a few to make it worth while - but I’m willing to support you guys in any way that might work by doing custom changes next week.


Whats wrong with pool? Down
Whats happening?


Working fine for me @Jonnehex?


Not same pool. Asic.
Direct Etn. 1.5Mhs.


Which pool are you talking about - Join the Telegram group if you can for support


The asicpool., was fine lasr night
Not showing miners, nothing
No time for telegram now


Up. Let block come.


Thanks for the ongoing tuning, I’m seeing my SBC mining farm jump from a 1ETN payout every ~24 hours to a 1ETN payout every ~14 hours.


How did it go, any luck with the
‘solo asic pool mining’ ?? :smile:


Finally got in at ETNOcean, thanks to @Crypto_Kangaroo and @99CENTS for all the online setup help. Super easy with Awesome Miner.

Seeing how it runs on my laptop with an i7 currently, going to set it up on my desktop as well later today.


Download of from https :// is blocked by Chrome as “dangerous”
Gotta love my Chrome nanny…


That is normal for any mining program. If you have any anti-virus software (including Windows Defender) you will need to make an exclusion for the folder where you store the miner files. They will remove the executable files automatically forcing you to re-download it.


Been to the link, scanned the pages. Reviewed what i could…
chrome will not allow GitHub download, says it is “dangerous.”
Downloaded with SeaMonkey.
Now… which do I want to run XMRIG-AMD or AMRIG-AMD-NOTLS?


XMRIG-AMD is fine , join the Telegram channel if you need more setup help for the pool


Im back. Naah, took too long to wait for luck😄


I rented hash a few times and pointed it to this pool to increase my ETN holdings and create buying pressure, 42k for 24 hours yesterday.


how much did it cost and where did you rent?