Alternative Option for CPU/GPU miners


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Crypto kangaroo.hi i have been a fan of electroneum from day 1 and hace tried to mine on several occasionsbut given up after not managing not a complete donut but i am a novice on the computer.i know how tk cut and paste and turn it on and off lol.please tell me step by stwp with good explainations and ill try your link straight off.thanks for reading and look forward to a reply.yours in hope biglips1990


I did try my laptop just for fun really and with the crytonite v8 miner it couldnt find my amd grsphics card so wouldnt mine gpu.only cpu.i wasmt even sure if i was running the right program to start.doh


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Troubling with cuda error on the 1050tis


You can try first with minergate to see if you can mine Monero with both gpu and cpu.

Make sure to keep them cooled off though with an external laptop fan and dont plan on mining for long times on your laptop, youll burn it out.

Before you buy anything off of amazon run it through first to see if the reviews are fake or real.
If you can mine with both gpu and cpu then you know it is not a driver issue.


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there is a telegram group.



Cant connect Can you please help me please. thanks.


are you using xmr-stak ?
Whats your pool.txt wallet_address: settings?


Yes, xmr-stak


Old version of xmr-stak not supporting cryptonight_v8 or an extra space in your etn address could be causing this. Sending you a PM
And please remember to join the pools telegram group


Yes check your wallet address on pool.txt.

And sorry my instruction above was wrong although it wont matter your problem.
Your worker name for rig_id and x for password. Edited now.

If you have no clue how to see or edit pools.txt, just delete the file and try again.

Edit: Just to clarify, worker name for password and blank for rig_id is just fine. This usage is for miners without rig_id options though. Sorry for messing up :blush:


Any thoughts of an asic real etn pool? :blush:


You mean running a Pool for ASICS - there are lots of those , but I do have my original pool which ASIC miners are welcome to join, but it has no ASIC miners on it the moment , and unless the pool has reaches at least 600Kh/s - wont be that viable


Crank them up! Squirrels


Hehe, solo mining on that asic pool, well, maybe test to see how long it take to hit a block.
Im on fairhash with them now


LOL - that would depend on how many ASIC and which type you have , at current DIFF 2 X3s will be about 3-4 day per block unless you get lucky :slight_smile:


What diff u recommend, pool auto or static?
Put down the pool fee, i might have a go?


Unless you have at least 500Kh/s of ASICs I wouldnt bother - u are better of at fairhash with the ASICs

Diff - for an X3 at least 2.1m, is what I set X3s to