Alternative Option for CPU/GPU miners

@Crypto_Kangaroo my current payout estimate keeps lowering. Was on 2 etn, now all the way down to 0.5etn ?

link to telegram group please :smile:
(EDIT) SRY, found it on
it is:

Really good initiative. I’m in within a few days - I have only one 1070 card, but everything helps…


Remember that is an estimate for your reward for the current block, not for the day. As more miners join the pool, you % share will reduce, but at the same time the pool should hit more blocks, so you will get more payouts at the lower amount, as opposed to fewer at the higher. It all evens out over a period of time.

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You asked the same question in the Telegram group and your where told it wasn’t. The ANSWER is NO once again.

We made the point of explaining that the pool is using CNv8 Algo, which is NOT what NERO uses so it can’t be, and that we run multiple pools for different coins, but always have been an ETN supporter and have run an ETN pool from the day they launched the Main-net.

But you insist on then posting this here.

We are here to support ETN, try to do something positive and even though you where told that wasn’t the case hours ago decide to post this here anyway.

Maybe you didn’t quite understand my answer , anyway - this Pool is not mining ETNX , its mining CNv8 algo coins.

I have posted the original TG chat to show people how we already addressed this.


What could I expect in ETN from a 1070 card…?

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After spending all day testing, the pool looks to be a success in this early form! I’m excited to see more algos added in the future (specifically nVidia friendly algos) so it will be more widely used by both GPU manufacturers.

Right now the pool is brand new and @Crypto_Kangaroo only has it configured to mine cryptonightv8 which is an AMD friendly algorithm. As a comparison, my 1080Ti using XMR Stak or XMRig only hashes ~780 on average. Meanwhile my Vega 64s hash at ~1940 each using cast XMR.

What does this mean? If you have nvidia cards, you are better off mining another algorithm until he adds more nvidia friendly algorithms. This doesn’t mean you can’t mine CNv8, it just means you will be doing it very inefficiently. He has stated he will be making some major changes over the Christmas break to accommodate more! So I’m very excited to see this pool grow. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for personally, instead of me mining and manually converting myself on an exchange.


Thanks, I have to wait for the update…

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Sorry had to ask, I was just asking in both forum and telegram,
The forum post took ~4 hours to show up here (needed approval)

Just to be clear, I’m supporting this pool


This pool is a fantastic idea and is very much needed by many of us who have been introduced to mining crypto via the mobile miner and who are looking at taking a step towards real mining with our desktop computers, gaming machines or home mining rigs. Not only can it be a daunting task having to send coins to an exchange and swap them for ETN but also finding and deciding on a project to mine in the first place can be quite difficult for newcomers as there are many to look into all with different algorithms, difficulties and miners and it all gets very confusing and can be off putting. I think a pool like this is a positive move for all CPU & GPU miners who still wish to get involved/support the electroneum project… Thumbs up from me :+1:t2:


I agree, hats off to @Crypto_Kangaroo from me too, great effort :+1:


Payouts from this pool is so instant I had to (change) raise the minimal payout level :smile:

99cents youtube video:


Do you have a minimum difficulty threshold? I’m currently using my SBC farm to mine another cryptocurrency using the same cryptonote-nodejspool software but would prefer to turn my hashing power to ETN.

Obviously being SBCs and CPU mining only my hashpower is very modest, but extremely efficient power-wise.

I’ll jump on later and try and repoint some of the my cluster nodes to your pool. I’m using XMRig.

piccy for reference (before I networked them)


As far as I can see the pool runs exactly the same as other pools I’ve used with the lowest port being 3333 and having a starting diff of 5000. So I think you should be OK


If you guys want to create ETN buying pressure with your LTC, BTC, ETH send your coins to MRR and rent one of these rigs to mine:

I just rented 150kh for over 10 hours if you guys want to take advantage.

You will be leveraging the power of all the rigs on that pool to increase ETN buying pressure because it sells the alt coin and buys ETN and sends it to your ETN address.

We’ve already found 42 blocks.


ok, so i started mining here and changed the minimum payout to 10 etn so now there is 18 etn pending? So do you pay or don’t you pay… just asking…

If you look at the site details you will see that at the moment we do 1 auto payout a day, and then i process some manual payments during the day for testing, just to make sure everything is working OK. I post when I do manual payments in the Telegram group.


All good…i hold the coins anyway, so np… just want to make sure i do not mine for nothing…lol

Thanks for this opportunity



Your 1st payment should show up soon - just did a manual payment run :slight_smile:

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arrived… thank you