Alternate KYC for ETN


Has ETN looked at ? They are doing digital ID on the blockchain. I don’t think the product is ready for market yet but it might be a good option to look at rather than just limit KYC to a single provider. Can’t hurt to talk to the Persona team right?


I would give ETN a blood sample at this point. That is how much faith I have in this project!


haha I hear you. Crypto is on the cusp of a massive uptake. Just have to be patient and it will happen.


Agreed, totally give blood for this coin! I love the idea of alternate ways to potentially get to the same answer. Patience is key!


haha most definitely @thejahcoop we all just have to be patient and i agree @Mulder they might take a look into it never hurts to do some research for them and maybe to talk to Persona about this of course :blush: