Altcoin buzz community speaks



That is a great read and I am reading more and more sentiment of the fact that Electroneum is in the right place at the right time. It is in position to explode and now with KYC under the belt very large corporation money will soon be invested. That will lead to more awareness of the coin which will = easier adoption. when that happens larger exchanges will want to list the coin which will show case the coin to larger markets, this in turn will accelerate the growth of the coin by word of mouth and pure numbers, go to proxy becoming almost as well known or equal to overall popularity as the current bitcoin being used. Yes it will take a while but all the right things are in the right places. Now we wait and watch and keep buying in the dips! I always say, "people don’t plan to fail, usually they just fail to plan. Electroneum has done it right and have planned all along!!!