Almost 50% of the 690m Mobile Money accounts inactive. Posted on LinkedIn

Almost 50% of the 690m #GSMA registered #mobilemoney accounts have been inactive for more than 90 days.

There have been huge hopes and expectations that #blockchain could bring a much more extensive, more appealing and beneficial solution for Financial Inclusion.

#Electroneum held in-depth discussions with many mobile experts, gaining invaluable insight & guidance,enabling us to deliver a solution that many believe exceeds those hopes and expectations.

We built everything around a simple mobile app, rewarding every user with a few dollars’ worth of #ETN every month.

Every user joins our freelance and trading community, fast approaching 3m users, which drives substantial new work opportunities.

The #Electroneum app enables anyone to charge for work and receive ETN as payment. Also, we enable vendors and agents to accept ETN via the mobile app, our API or a range of plug-ins.

We achieve this with #MNO and #MVNO partnerships around the world, helping achieve new revenues, increased #NPS and higher value metrics of each user.

Electroneum is the only #cryptocurrency in the world with fully integrated KYC/AML.

To find out more - or to book a meeting at #MWC19 - message me or email

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Looking very forward to mwc :thinking: :zap: Keep up the great work :+1:


MWC might shake the crypto world if they announce something really BIG :)) Cant wait! :))
@chris.gorman and @ETNCEO you have one amazing team! keep the good work :))


I am truly proud to be apart this project. Thank you @chris.gorman & @ETNCEO!


cool video - good progress being made


Good write. Gives some brain cell fomo fuel :sunglasses:


Out of curiosity, what is ETNs goal in terms of reducing inactive accounts within the first year of going fully live? 10 percent? 15 percent?

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Thanks @chris.gorman Awesome as always.
Lets do this!


Thank you @chris.gorman. Great content. Very exciting times ahead. :sunglasses: :zap:


Thank you @chris.gorman, as always a great write up, I really can’t wait for the MWC too. The anticipation is building by the day!