Allow Users to Buy Just Electroneum using Fiat currency


I believed in ETN since the ICO. The dedicated team has won my mind and heart. The probelm that I will be discussing is already faced by Ethereum, second largest cryptocurrency by market cap. The problem with Ethereum’s DApps was, regular users have to buy Ethereum through one of the exchanges with fiat, transfer it to the wallet and then use the Ethereum (gas) to make transaction on other DApps. Too long process. This is one of the reasons why non-technical people didn’t waste time and energy using Ethereum.
Now let’s talk about Electroneum. Electroneum is designed and targeted to non-technical people. Easy to Use, just like Apple’s product. In order to use Electroneum is daily basis, I (as a user) have to buy eletronuem in one of the exchanges using BTC, ETH, USDT or other similar cryptocurrencies, transfer them to wallet and then buy product. Too much hassle.
What’s alternative?
Since, Electroneum has been continuing their KYC process, why not to add Fiat to ETN exchange in the Electroneum app. Electroneum app will be one stop shop to buy electroneum and look around shops that accepts ETN.
How can it be done?
I am not an expert, but buyers will be matched will sellers that have same fiat currency. Example, I am a buyer that will pay via USD then seller will be matched if he takes USD for ETN.
I am sorry to keep it long. I appreciate for taking your time reading this great opportunity.
I hope this will get attention from Electroneum team.

ETN To Fiat Conversion plus other features on the app

I think what you are saying is essential for making the things like gig economy work, the unbanked do a job on the gig economy and want pay in ETN, the people that pay also need ETN


I am sure that Richard will have ideas for that in the future to make it super easy to buy and sell ETN after all he wants the masses to adopt it the 99% that doesn’t have crypto if it’s to hard for them to buy or sell their ETN they won’t bother so i am sure that they will be working on ways just like the that has paypal and such to pay with when we get on that exchange :thinking:


A third party investor could take up this role and do quite well for themselves, acting as an exchange for only ETN / FIAT.
Only takes someone with deep enough pockets.


Next.Exchange will provide paypal to ETN transactions once live!!