Allow hodlers to gain interest by locking funds in their wallet

Add a feature that allows users to lock funds in their wallet which are then pooled and made available to traders, for a fee, to facilitate leveraged trading.
A portion of the profits are then paid back to ETN holders in the form of interest on locked funds.
Whilst Electroneum’s focus is not on those with large holdings adding such a feature would add value to the coin, deter dumping and provide revenue to the Electroneum company.

Seems like a good idea, I know I’m in for the long hall, that would be a nice bonus for sure

Is this what is classed as staking your coins ?

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That’s a good thoughts but I think electroneum investment site should be made available to invest for gains

Yep, Proof of Stake or POS for short. Electroneum is a POW (proof of work) Coin which means it is Mineable. Going POS imo wouldn’t work for ETN.

Couldn’t we leave stuff like that to exchanges? I think exchange is going to do enable that in the future.
You can ask them on telegram and Twitter to list Electroneum