AllAboutTech Interview


Hey folks,

The first video in AllAboutTech’s new Electroneum interview series is now live!

Check it out here to learn all about our marketing plans, KYC and Instant Payment straight from the man who created ETN:

Awesome stuff, Mick! :wink: Thanks for getting this uploaded so quickly!

What would you like us to cover in future AllAboutTech chats? Let us know in the comments below?


i was just looking to post this , you beat me to it lol…

thanks for posting

great video , in depth answers from richard …

look forward to part 2


Well done all involved great work, just wish it was all posted in one part not a fan of these multiple parts but I guess we could have nothing at all :smiley: popcorn ready :popcorn::popcorn:


plus it makes it more exciting to see whats coming next…



super interview yet again! What AAT is doing for the community is also great! Very humble guy.


3.5 million websites out there that use woocommerce and they will start advertising to them. If only 1% bites and starts accepting Electroneum that’s 35,000 websites.

Websites that use woocommerce
The retail market blows away the huge remittance market of 445 billion and here’s a little rundown of crypto and the retail market.
and here is an intro to cryptocurrencies


I’m actually really impressed. The amount of problems that come up with everything they do and they just create something new and integrated to solve it time and time again. Given these are ground breaking times its refreshing to see that they don’t get put off but keep smashing down barriers.