All tickets have referred to here in recent 3 days!


All tickets have referred to here in recent days!
Support team are doing this and close tickets without any answer!
Ok, some of them are solved here by help of other community member but the main ptoblem is that:
Dear Rachel

The team have mentioned in instruction of KYC for countries which YOTI doesn’t support their IDs that they should do basic KYC then send tickets to and you verify doing the basic level till they can upload their docs in your system!
The problem is when people do basic KYC and send ticket for next levels, they are referred to community.electroneum by the team!
So, how they can go ahead the remaining levels!?


I think the team is busy , very busy :wink:

I’ve also had zero replies , and also posted a thread saying how quiet it is around here.

I believe big news is coming as promised and they are preparing for it.

So give the team at least until Tuesday…

I’m sure they are working on yoti and there will be a workaround because if they are targeting the unbanked then the unbanked may not have id either…

KYC Update Vol.1

Great news
So I am waiting till Tuesday​:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Fingers crossed , it has been eerily quiet…

I’m excited for next week .

I hope it’s massive news


Nice article!
Excellent :ok_hand:t4::ok_hand:t4: