All 3 Levels of KYC Completed!


Hello all,

I would like to inform you that i have fully completed all 3 levels of the new KYC. It was really easy for me and i would like to know if any other people have fully completed all 3 levels and if they have stumbled upon any difficulties?

Cheers and let the good times roll!


Congratulations @Jevermore ! :sunglasses:


Nice work :+1:
I’ve just notched up to level 3 myself but had to purchase a passport I’ll probably never get to use :frowning:


Me too, 2 days ago. No issues whatsoever. Except for the passport which wasn’t accepted. Instead, I added my ID card.


me too :sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Really simple, I got an email from Electroneum after gaining access to Level 3. Being from the UK i can imagine it was easier. I used a utility bill and a payslip!


Congratulations to all of you @Zero7 @eFiJy @furios @drpanda !:sunglasses:


Still struggling with level two since I don’t know if health insurance card is acceptable or the national voters ID


If you have a national voters ID, you should have a normal ID as well, no?


Yes it’s just the same as normal ID but it’s just that my current location is not on it


I have completed all 3 levels within 1-2 days. Level 3 was very quick. Level 2 took longer but then I did do it outside office hours. No issues at all.


Anything else? Like a driver’s license? Passport?


Congratulations @Real_Stuey_Mac :blush:


Thanks @PHXInvestors it’s a relief to rank up to level 3.
The photo ID was my biggest problem as I had an expired passport and paper drivers license.
I applied for a new passport and it arrived in 10 days. The rest of the process was easy as I had the relevant documents.
I might even treat myself to that weekend break in Iceland that I’ve been promising myself for so long. :smiley:


@Emmanuel don’t you got any document where your adderes is on?


Awesome @Zero7 and you should take a nice weekend break in Iceland :open_mouth:


Lol I may need to wait for ETN to moon first as iceland is apparently the most expensive country on earth. :smile:


Level three took me the longest, but still only a few days. Used E-bill and pay stub.


what i can put in the TAX number here in our country (algeria ) we havent this number so can i let it blanc and send picture of bank statment or what ?


You can put your ssn number if you have one.