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Could always fly it down to Machine Gun Fest (?) in Texas. Actually, in Texas, you can also hunt wild pigs from a helicopter, completely legal as they’re considered an invasive nuisance animal there. Only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t seem like that company recovers the meat. If I’m taking pigs, I want bacon :bacon: and sausage :hotdog: !


Here’s a moon dream for us. All original P-51 Mustang at auction with truckloads of parts. This includes 20 :exploding_head: Merlin engines!

All yours for a cool $4.5 million USD


Would it be possible to fly it home from South Africa in one tow, all conditions being perfect?

I’ve read about several long soaring cross countries, don’t remember what the record is.


You can stay up, if the weather is right. But its a no go over the water…
records are around 14h of gliding without power…


I was on one in the ARMY in the 1980’s catching a ride home from the desert in Yakima


Hey pilots and aircraft enthusiasts

Saw this and thought of you …

Classic hahahaha


Reminds me of the navy pilots who were “disciplined” after drawing a gentleman’s… err well you know in the sky.

I was going to post the link :thinking:, but all who care can Googs it. :disappointed_relieved:



Ive seen them do hearts over uk amd x marks the spot lol


That is what they say about flying though, hours of boredom with moments of sheer terror. It happens. I’ve had some long flights I thought would never end, then interupted by a mechanical problem or weather change.

There’s always the Sky Typers for your aerial messaging needs:


If we moon i might send a message to all the fudders hahaha


When thinking about that moonwalk,
Spare a thought for those loved ones you leave behind too.!



True true, it’s not all guns and bombs in aerial warfare. I used to fly with a guy who flew the EA-6 on those exact msisions. Interesting stories…

Not to mention, aircraft broadcasting false propaganda using “psychological warfare.” Sounds crazy, but it is a recognized and effective “tool” on the battlefield. I once toured a C-130 that had a full TV station in it, bunch of antennas on the tail, that they used to broadcast messages with a fake Saddam during Desert Storm. Nothing sensitive or classified here, this was out in public at an air show.



C-130 rolling down the strip Airborne Ranger on a one way trip hay hay all the way.



That’s about all I’m flying at the moment… lol


I saw a F4 Tornado from the top while flying over the mid west 2 different times the second one was smaller though. it is cool looks like a whirlpool in the sky. I was amazed that the plane wasn’t sucked in. We were at some great distance. @Dr_Jan_Itor


That’s gotta be something to behold. Totally different perspective in the air.

Amelia Earhart once said, “You haven’t seen a tree, until you see it’s shadow from the sky.”