Airplanes 🛩 / Helis/ other Aircraft Thread/ Show and Tell


Some have mentioned wanting to commit time to charity service in the ETN dreams thread. Here’s one of many examples where you can combine a passion for aviation with humanitarian service.

A traveling eye hospital to the developing nations of the world. Good video.

There are opportunites before mooning of course, and you never know what doors the current experience may open up in the future. I’ve mentioned before, but the majority of my flight time the past few years is with a charity in Western Alaska. Serving Native Alaskan youth for multiple summers before applying to that one made me stick out from other applicants. I wasn’t just another pilot, I had proven that I actually knew and cared for the people in the region. Yes, it is a sacrifice using all of your yearly vacation time while your still “working for the man” for it, but to me it’s certainly worth it.


The F-4 Phantom is my all time favorite jet fighter.

My father was a Marine mechanic on the A-4 Skyhawk and Harrier.

I LOVED Airwolf when I was a kid, seems kinda cheesy now. I binged every single episode on Netflix a few years back. Always like the Hughes 500s the bad guys flew too.


I would love a go in them , faaaast lol…
Or a flight in the red arrows…


Well @Plankton, here’s a few more stops you can add to the family US tour.

Not the red arrows, but for an aerobatics experience you wont forget (and even have a video to watch in old age to remember) over picturesque Lake Norman NC:

I know the instructor Mikey personally, he’s a great guy.

And when you just have to have that jet fix, check out jet warbirds in Santa Fe, NM:

They even have a Mig 15!


Thats’s great to hear about people coming from all over to attend Sun n Fun and other events. I have yet to go there or Oshkosh, even though members of my club flew to both every year. On the list…

The one place I have been is Kill Devil Hills, NC otherwise known as Kittyhawk, the birthplace of powered flight.

There’s a runway right next to the monument, so you can fly in truly paying homage to the Wright’s. There’s also seating at the one end of the runway so people can watch airplanes go in and out. Watch out for deer if you arrive early in the morning though.

There’s another tour stop for ya @Plankton. Might need to make a year of it lol.


It is certainly looking like im going to have a looooonnggg holiday lol


Probably the MiG 31 Foxhound. It was very much ahead of its time.
Are you asking about fixed wing only? I really love Chinooks.



Any aircraft your heart desires. :+1:


If I could buy a small fleet of retired Caribou, fix them up, and bush-pilot food around Indonesia or something, I’d called that my version of living the dream.



Sounds like a plan to me! :+1:

Plenty of Navy and Marine pilots stayed in the South Pacific after WW2.

Not to mention De Havilland makes a fine aircraft. Regularly ride Dash 8s into the bush. See them on the paved and gravel strips there. Flying a beaver and twin otter are on my bucket list as well.


I wonder what these run for on the surplus market… Ever look into the process up there?


Had this in the movie thread, figured I’d add it here too.


WW2 Warbirds.
Spitfires, Hurricanes.


Indeed, so many good aircraft from that time. As a kid, it was the P-40 Warhawk, Flying Tigers squadron of course.

I grew to appreciate ALL of them as I grew up, axis and allies. Seriously.

The spitfire is such a beauty of a bird. And that Merlin engine! A true joy :joy: to hear.


Have you seen “Guy Martin’s Spitfire”?

Worth watching, as is his documentary on the last flying Vulcan bomber.


Make your hair curly.most definitely.


I’ve found sales listings in the past, but never contacted for a price. Maybe I’ll do that.
I’m betting it will still be costly, even if they’re just selling the stripped airframe.

Even more than this I’d want the DHC5 Buffalo of course, but it’ll be a little while before that is retired, haha.


This is my dream…JS1 jonker…21m spann…
I like silence when enjoying this hobby :slight_smile:

I am also building 7m scale JS1 model :slight_smile:

Its SA product, so maybe if ETN catches there i might buy one with ETN :wink:


US Army Chinook helicopter with duel doors equipped with 50 CAL machine-guns Nothing like a good duel door gunning ship.