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There’s a glider club not far from my house, and I keep saying “one day” as well. Up in the sky, crusing for thermals, only sound being the air rushing around your craft sounds exciting. My only concern is timing the glide ratio to landing, but I know there’s methods to it.

Luckily, none of my powered aircraft have turned into gliders yet. :joy: Few close calls though.


I have plans to learn , when the funds are available…

Cant wait


That wont be a problem after ETN moons :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

well trying counts the most! :slight_smile: thats how you learn :wink:


2019 it begins 2020 we party like tomorrow’s gonna end … then 2021 life really begins …

Hopefully sooner


2022 we retire :smiley:


Sounds perfect , but the way etn works we could see early 2020

All depends on how quick we get mass adopted …

Helicopter first , … no glider first then heli then light aircraft …

Cant wait ro scare the :poop: out of myself in the air haha


Well i dont belive I can get rich before 25years old :smiley: but ETN can surprise :slight_smile:


Who knows , i didn’t believe i would have bad hips and back at 40 lol 4 years later life goes on hahahhaa…

You never know whats around the corner…

I believe … we will get scared by the price lol


And :poop: moments you will have, especially when learning to fly.

My “discovery” flight comes to mind, the first of those moments. You sit in the left seat for what can be considered your first lesson, instructor on the right. Typically 1/2 hour. Instructor walks you through preflight and starting, while they perform the takeoff. Then hand the controls back to you for climb out cruise and maneuvering.

I was no stranger to flight controls by then for various reasons and was doing pretty well. He instructed me to enter the traffic pattern.
Downwind (Any moment he’s taking over.)
Base (Surely.)
Final (Ok did he fall asleep?)
I started getting slow and over correcting, short final way off target.

Instructor chimes in, “You gonna land it or are ya gonna crash!?” (Scruff old curmudgeon voice)
“I’m not landing this thing, I’ll crash it!” :poop:
“I have the airplane.” He instantly and expertly righted the airplane and made a beautiful landing.

Some background to add to the :poop: factor, I was learning at a small narrow strip surrounded by tall trees with one end going out over a lake. Seeing the tress rise in the windscreen increased the anxiety of the moment. (This would be “nothing” in the coming years…lol)

Scared me, but the instructor had a good laugh. And I certainly do now too.


Hahahha the barstool lol … i would of followed through i think . But then laughed i suppose they have to get kicks too hahah…

Great story thanks for sharing … i will watch out for that one lol


While we’re talking building, and light aircraft, I’ve been wanting to build this for a while now:

The Zenith 701 STOL affectionately called the “Sky Jeep”. Just sheet metal and pop rivets, true STOL performer. Around 500 man hours claimed for build time.

Hey @Plankton, when you’re touring the US after mooning stop in to their Missouri headquarters for the weekend. You and the fam can get rides in them and build a complete tail for one together.


On the list now thanks !!!

That would be fun , kids might het bored but i wouldnt hahahah


Some more Barn Toons to get through Hump Day… :grin:


This was originally posted by @Tanwax in the ETN dreams thread, but I thought it was too cool to not include it here.

Is it a boat…sometimes.
Is it a seaplane…sorta?
Is it awesome…O YEA! :+1:

I wonder what licensing would be required for it. It flies, but can’t make it out of ground effect as you can see in one point in the video. But, neither could the spruce goose.



Thanks for pointing me at this thread @Dr_Jan_Itor. I made a comment on @Tanwax photo of the SeaPlane in the dreams thread.

There are some incredible pictures here - amazing builds and it’s great to see so many of you into aviation!

I only have a lapsed UK PPL.

I went to Italy once to have some training on Lake Como in a seaplane, but the weather closed in about 10 minutes before my lesson and it was called off, as was the next day. So I never ever got to fly in a seaplane.

Can relate to the bush flying though - I was signed off on tailwheel aircraft in a de Havilland chipmunk before I got my PPL and then went on to own a share in a Jodel. At a guess, I’ve done about 150 hours in Cessna 172, 50 hours in PA28 Cherokee, 50 hours on the Jodel, 10 hours on Tiger Moths, about 6 hours in Bulldogs, 30 mins in a Harvard and a few passenger flights in Yak 52s, Piper SuperCub, Siai Marchetti, Fokker Wulf and the Twin Pioneer. Got night qualification and did over half my UK instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) certificate - never quite finished it and now haven’t flown for several years for various different reasons.

Also did 30 mins in a proper 747 simulator at Heathrow Airport once for fun rather than commercial training (I crashed when one engine failed!) and I had a 30-min trial flight in a helicopter (the hover attempt was interesting) ha ha

Loads of my UK friends go over to the US for flying holidays and “Sun 'N Fun”.!

Pic is of me many years ago when I was doing some work with the Tiger Moths. Really looking forward to sharing aviation stories with you fellow enthusiasts :slight_smile:



When :tada::rocket::artificial_satellite::passenger_ship::ferry::earth_asia::new_moon_with_face::full_moon::new_moon_with_face:
I will buy houses all around the sound and I will have you fly me around and we can pick up all the Electards and go to the store for supply’s. chips, candy,and soda pop, (I like Pepsi.)


Wow, thanks for sharing your flying experiences @sallypinkhair! :+1:

Warbirds are definitely on my bucket list, 0 time in one yet. (I don’t count our SAR Cessnas even if they were USAF owned…) I share your excitement in that pic climbing up on a Tiger Moth. Only biplane experience so far was an old Waco, but just as a pax.

Never seen a Jodel stateside, although the AOPA did a nice write up with them in the French Alps and flying clubs.

Most of my time is in Cessnas (150, 152, 172, 182, 206), used to own shares in 2 172s. Had access to many more including a Bonanza and Mooney for just the price of fuel when we still lived in the South. It’s just plain more expensive here in the NE US and the GA community isn’t as open in my area.

All of my tailwheel experience is in a Citabria, some of which includes spin and aerobatics instruction.

Yup, flying a helicopter feels natural and I took to it quickly, hovering is a whole different animal. Control feel and pressures are the exact opposite from an airplane in slow flight and it’s so easy to over control it. :open_mouth:


So @pahini @Nicolas @Plankton @KarEnTam @sallypinkhair @Tanwax, what are your favorite airplanes?

Feel free to make a list. Favorite to fly, dream to fly? Warbird? Civilian? Aesthetic beauty? Your childhood favorite?


Harrier , phantom my dad was in the r.a.f i grew up around these. So they top my list

Faster the better for me typhoon id like to have a go in that.

Airwolf id still love airwolf hahaha