Airplanes 🛩 / Helis/ other Aircraft Thread/ Show and Tell


How about another barn toon?



I bought some “Aeron” today.
It’s a crypto desingned for The Aviation industry.


Yea, interesting project, heard about it from @Plankton. Haven’t done my research on it yet.

I am aware the the FAA in the US is currently looking into a sort of rewards program for it’s WINGS safety program. Government is slow to adopt anything so not sure if they’ve even considered a crypto. I’ll look for the article…


How about another since I didn’t post one last week.



Ok, it wasn’t the faa but a private organization seeing the opportunity. But the FAAST team has taken notice. (Faa safety team)

1st line: “It seems that everyone in general aviation knows someone who was killed or injured in an accident.”

Truth. :pensive:


It’s coming:


Yikes. I refuse even to switch from a standard to an automatic vehicle. I can’t imagine I’ll ever be comfortable being flown around by something like that… As cool as it looks.


I hear ya, I miss my stick shift vehicles. A nasty dirt bike wreck and wife who can’t drive stick (I’ve tried) have put me in the undead realm of autos for the time being.

At least my bikes still have clutches…



I had an auto for 10 months , i couldn’t get used to it . Even with my hip problems I’ll still use a manual …

More control


Oh cool,I am a glider pilot, for hobby-sport.

My passion is making high quality airplane models(big ones) and the biggest passion is where I work- Pipistrel… I am working in R&D on probably the most beautiful 4 seater, Panthera!

nice to see someone loving Aviation here!
Thanks for invite @Dr_Jan_Itor



O wow, nice @KarEnTam!

I’ve been following Pipestrel for some time now.

Congrats being able to work on what your passionate about. So few get to.

My flying is a mix of hobby and charity/ service, mixed emotions on being a commercial pilot. Although I’m mechanical, no A&P license to work on em yet.

I look forward to what you can bring to this thread. :grinning:


Great to hear that! :slight_smile:

And here is my biggest model, 40% size of the original one…


@KarEnTam Thats a model , a radio controlled plane…


Thats right, 30kg flying arround :slight_smile:

all mould made with carbon-glass fibres… really proud of this :slight_smile:


Did you make it too ?


yes, all build from scratch :slight_smile:

me and my dad together


Woah !!! I used to work on aircraft , passenger planes etc.

That looks real!! Absolutely awesome congratulations on a fantastic build …

Seriously thats some detail …

One day im going to have a go in a glider it looks peaceful and so graceful …

Im amazed at that model… bravo…


Thanks, that a 2year work with my dad, a lot of time and spent here. But this is something I will never sell because it shows what me and dad were able to build our own and learning. All worth it. Also I probably got job on Pipistrel because of that… :))

it has also a pilot inside, cockpit, retractable landing gear, lights…all the details…


Well thats an amazing detailed model aircraft . Blown away by the detail.

Fantastic work… and pipistrel should be thankful for having you , great skills …


That’s quite a “model” @KarEnTam, might as well have been your personal business card. Yea, I’d say you earned your spot with that.

Always built airplane models as a kid, mostly plastic some balsa wood. Many never finished that I still have. Messed with RC planes a bit. Tried a few of my own designs with foam, but they just flew like: