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Any aircraft your heart desires. :+1:


If I could buy a small fleet of retired Caribou, fix them up, and bush-pilot food around Indonesia or something, I’d called that my version of living the dream.



Sounds like a plan to me! :+1:

Plenty of Navy and Marine pilots stayed in the South Pacific after WW2.

Not to mention De Havilland makes a fine aircraft. Regularly ride Dash 8s into the bush. See them on the paved and gravel strips there. Flying a beaver and twin otter are on my bucket list as well.


I wonder what these run for on the surplus market… Ever look into the process up there?


Had this in the movie thread, figured I’d add it here too.


WW2 Warbirds.
Spitfires, Hurricanes.


Indeed, so many good aircraft from that time. As a kid, it was the P-40 Warhawk, Flying Tigers squadron of course.

I grew to appreciate ALL of them as I grew up, axis and allies. Seriously.

The spitfire is such a beauty of a bird. And that Merlin engine! A true joy :joy: to hear.


Have you seen “Guy Martin’s Spitfire”?

Worth watching, as is his documentary on the last flying Vulcan bomber.


Make your hair curly.most definitely.


I’ve found sales listings in the past, but never contacted for a price. Maybe I’ll do that.
I’m betting it will still be costly, even if they’re just selling the stripped airframe.

Even more than this I’d want the DHC5 Buffalo of course, but it’ll be a little while before that is retired, haha.


This is my dream…JS1 jonker…21m spann…
I like silence when enjoying this hobby :slight_smile:

I am also building 7m scale JS1 model :slight_smile:

Its SA product, so maybe if ETN catches there i might buy one with ETN :wink:


US Army Chinook helicopter with duel doors equipped with 50 CAL machine-guns Nothing like a good duel door gunning ship.



Could always fly it down to Machine Gun Fest (?) in Texas. Actually, in Texas, you can also hunt wild pigs from a helicopter, completely legal as they’re considered an invasive nuisance animal there. Only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t seem like that company recovers the meat. If I’m taking pigs, I want bacon :bacon: and sausage :hotdog: !


Here’s a moon dream for us. All original P-51 Mustang at auction with truckloads of parts. This includes 20 :exploding_head: Merlin engines!

All yours for a cool $4.5 million USD


Would it be possible to fly it home from South Africa in one tow, all conditions being perfect?

I’ve read about several long soaring cross countries, don’t remember what the record is.


You can stay up, if the weather is right. But its a no go over the water…
records are around 14h of gliding without power…


I was on one in the ARMY in the 1980’s catching a ride home from the desert in Yakima


Hey pilots and aircraft enthusiasts

Saw this and thought of you …

Classic hahahaha


Reminds me of the navy pilots who were “disciplined” after drawing a gentleman’s… err well you know in the sky.

I was going to post the link :thinking:, but all who care can Googs it. :disappointed_relieved: