Age-limit for ETN? 18 years?

Is there a age limit for ETN app and to register a account? I would like to open and register my boy 7yrs old he got a Samsung S9 for christmas and want to start mining ETN :slight_smile: Further I would like to transfer 100K ETN into his account for future savings…

I have a better idea. No matter what, HOLD 100,000 ETN for him for 11 years and surprise him. Right now he could lose it or not appreciate it as much. You could just show him the app and how it works, educating him abok ut crypto.

Thanks for info! My dear boy want to learn more about crypyo and ETN

I might not be alive in 11years​:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Or put them on a Paper Wallet…

Lol. Thats hilarious. Thats nice that you’re setting him up.