After the Fork - Richard Ells Video Interview Part 1

New Interview from Crypto Rich is up. ENJOY!

Thanks to Crypto Rich

This is very informative and I always wondered what happened to the miners haha - they got a nice slap from the universe and probably deserved it. Very positive changes for the project. ETN is sounding more and more legit and ethical which helps the project immensely and attracts the right kind of people.


It’s completely wasted on only BitTuber.

Only ETN holders will bother going over there to view it and endure that beta.

No one new will see it - so it’s an opportunity wasted in my opinion and an opinion backed up by the fact that after 7 hours being up, only 39 views.

Dumb decision only putting it on BitTuber.

Its also on youtube… Its much better

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Thanks, I tried last night…

He must have only recently put up on YouTube - I tried 3 or 4 times to ask Rich to put it on YouTube but he doesn’t seem to engage his community.

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I saw Rich answering on telegram

He uploads his videos to Bittubers first now then to Youtube as an incentive for people to go on his Bittubers channel. Bittubers is a cool website it’s against censorship and very easy to donate to channels.


I understand and on some level that makes sense - he mentioned in the video that YT deleted an older video, which would make me look to an alternative at some point also.

If he answered on Telegram that’s great for those who follow him on Telegram.

Telegram however is my idea of internet purgatory - I just don’t like it.

I used to follow him on Twitter, but after trying to evoke a response from him probably 5 times, he just didn’t make any response. And I’m not just talking about me - others said that it was practically invisible on BitTubers - but no response from him.

Last view count on BitTubers: 61 views
Last view count on YouTube: 1,296 views

Anyway - it’s good that it is on youtube now…

It’s a good video with some interesting information and always great to see Richard Ells talking so positively and remaining so upbeat. Looking forward to the next 2 parts (on youtube).

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Part 2


Part 2 was also quite interesting - Crypto Rich definitely seems to provoke a much more grown-up and adult conversation than AllAboutTech’s Mick Ambrose used to.

The quality (on YouTube) was pretty poor however, so either Rich is too heavily compressing his videos or more likely he needs to invest in better equipment, including better mics and framing the shot better.

But I was interested to hear Richard Ells speaking about the decentralised aspect of the ETN Blockchain in particular.

Don’t know if many of you are aware - but there is unsurprisingly some talk on Twitter that ETN is now a centralised project.

I try to dismiss this when I read it but there is only so much combat trolling one individual can endure. As a fan of Electroneum, I would urge people to politely back up their community, even if it’s only with a like or retweet.

Personally, I think it would be invaluable if ETN could produce some literature about why we can be confidently considered as decentralised. A diagram would also volumes.

The meteor arguement is a good one but on a more technical level, it would be great to be able to refer to some official explanation when educating newcomers on whatever platform.

Is Crypto Rich on this forum - thanks for the video in any case.

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yeah that was nice to hear - I can’t think of any other crypto that is actually doing something to progress the way that ETN is. Still people continue to talk the project down but you can see that those people have never really looked at it to see what is going on . In the next couple of years ETN will be top 5 crypto in market cap.


Part 3

Its interesting to see just how far ahead they seem to have planned and what they already have in place. Great interview.


Definitely going to be an amazing future :+1::+1::+1::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Watched all 3 parts, amazing! future is going to be interesting. Definitely 2020 is ETN year. A year that we might decouple from BTC…

Need to find new goal for how much ETN i want :smiley:

Great job Team!


There are a few notorious Reddit, Twitter and FB provokers/FUDers. Continually use fake news and slander to try to deter people away from the project. I call their BS when I see it.


Yeah I have seen some of the obviously paid for articles to put down ETN. It won’t matter because the people who ETN are targeting will never see them anyway. This project will be like a snow ball and won’t be stopped. Its funny going into reddit and seeing an article with 20 upvotes like it matters lol. I don’t bother going into those forums much these days its mostly negative and a huge time waster. The good stuff is posted here - we just want the information and the updates. I think telegram discord reddit etc are pointless terrible forums for any kind of discussion.


Watched the 3rd part and again a little surprised no mention of the patent. Am I the only one wondering about this at this stage?

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There was a link provided before where you could look at the patent. My understanding is it can take a very long time for it to be approved I don’t think theres much of updates until its done but Im no expert on the matter.

@Danny thanks for taking the time to refer to there being a patent link - but this is not what I’m asking about. And again, I didn’t think it was necessary to express in my previous post that I and we all surely are well aware these things can take a long time.

I would like to hear Richard talk about the patent - does anyone really think since he previously talked about it which seems like well over a year ago (April 6, 2018. - he hasn’t spoken to his legal people about it ?

He can’t be as in the dark about it as we are - just a reference or an update… Even if he said, still waiting on the clarification regarding the patent - did Crypto Rich even ask about it, was he perhaps told don’t ask about it.

There are things that happen in business that just get pushed under the carpet, Michael Stollaire as a prime example. I have absolutely zero understanding of the relationship he has or has had with ETN and I don’t like being so in the dark.

2 years ago…

Michael Stollaire, the founder and CEO of Titanium joined up Electroneum (ETN) as a Technical Advisor, his experience will undoubtly [sic] help the team on its path to success.

“Michael also has a wealth of experience leading the implementation of technical solutions for McDonald’s, Apple, Tesla and HP.”

and back to today…

So regarding the patent - I’m just asking the question which is a reasonable one and which no one else seems to be asking or which never seems to get even 10 seconds mention anymore.

I don’t think it should be constantly necessary but you never know so here goes - I will express my total and complete belief in, and support of Electroneum and the team.

Patent link:

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