African Cryptosphere Developing


A well written, very positive article regarding the increased interest in cryptocurrency in Africa through the bear market sounds very positive for the future.
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Very positive read , it’s nice to think that while one half the world is panicking the other half is saying I’ll have some of that !! .

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Good find…and with financial inclusion and remittances mentioned it has Electroneum written all over it. Now it’s time to start going live with mobile operators asap and tap into this growing market.


Yet more confirmation the team made the right choice on ETN’s route to market.

Even a comment at the bottom of the article promoting ETN.

There’s been a lot of talk in multiple industries about Africa. Also about China’s stake in it. “Africa is the new China” is being thrown around a lot. There’s some truth to that, my former company shifted their focus from “Win in China” to Africa (2014). The plan was to open up mutliple production facilities in different regions essentially “off the grid” being powered by natural gas wells/ generators on site. I exited the company before an acquisition, so no idea what happened with that plan. I’m sure they weren’t the only ones with it.

Even with “cheap labor,” manufacturing jobs would suddenly give a couple hundred+ people per facility some disposible income, who may not have had it before. In that situation (been there before), those funds tend to be spent instead of saved.

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