Advice needed for someone new to exchanges

Yeah, use the coinbase pro and save that money for yourself. I posted the video’s in the thread, as you say, in case there is anyone else who comes along and might find it useful. If you have a look on you tube you can find information on how to read the candles and wicks etc. Those numbers are basically other people’s orders and can be used to roughly gauge support and resistance although sometimes folk put in big orders and remove them to deceive other market participants.

It’s more for trading but it’s worthwhile to look into how to read candles and basic support and resistance. I do some manual trading and also use a couple of bots for trading with varying results, mostly positive. I tend not to trade etn as there is quite a bit of manipulation that goes on and more recently accumulation and I don’t want to be part of that. To be honest, I could be in there as well accumulating and taking part in pump and dumps, gaining more etn or siphoning it off into satoshi’s but it’s just unethical and I don’t believe it is beneficial for the etn, quite the opposite so I want no part of it.

Congrats on your win yesterday by the way!

Hope you’re well, if you need me just fire me a message mate and I’ll do my best to help you.

Cheers, Chris.

Well that was easy. Followed your instructions and everything went smooth, I did a couple of small test transactions in and out just to make sure and yeah everything went cool.
Saved myself a few quid in the process. Didn’t get round to transferring to Kucoin to buy ETN yet as their website isn’t tablet friendly so I’ll have to wait until I can get to a PC.

To any other newbs who are hesitant about exchanges, if you can follow the instructions in the above videos you won’t go wrong and you’ll save some money learning… If I can do it anyone can