Advertising & Marketing time line estimates?

Every click on a ad banner thats not ETN is a missed opportunity.

This is a mass adoption coin. Electroneum should be plastered on billboards and walls and websites everyware. In my opinion.

Can we get some more information advertising and marketing time line estimates as to where, how and when the ETN team will implement this?

Like Richard said in a past interview $0 money has been spent on marketing and advertising so far…


Can you explain to me exactly in what way how Electroneum is not working? I think I’m missing something help me out…

I currently have been able to buy, sell, send, receive,hold and use Electroneum for the last 8 months on Android and on exchanges.

It only makes sense to invest money in marketing if you also have to advertise a finished product. This will be the case when the ios app and API system are available for everyone and the gig website is online. Then marketing would also directly increase the reach.


I reccon this.
There is no need to rush whit marketing whitout a real use case.
In due time we wil grow fast :chart_with_upwards_trend: and stronger :muscle:


Great post, I’m learning a lot here. Thanks.

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Came here to say just this.

Marketing isn’t the magic button. Timing is everything.

This is what these guys are experts in.


Electroneum is so young,… we are right about 10 months old.

Mass marketing and advertising will be much easier with fully supporting iOS and launching Instant Payment System.

ETN community launch is a huge plus! We have site launching and multiple exchange listing coming up, should be well primed for advertisement and marketing in 2019.


Yeah its better to have everything working so that when ETN do attract people they actually want to use it and keep using it if they would do marketing without a product then you might loose a lot of people that come are disappointed and leave and most likely wont ever come back unless it becomes real big later on and everybody would use it but generally speaking you would loose all those customers interest already then. And that would be bad for ETN to get on the market like that because then it will be much much harder to regain people’s trust or interest again. :face_with_monocle:

Yeah, I do agree with the most of the people here, once they will make a working product then marketing should start

Everything which is launched is working. However, ETN team did not finish all their products yet, some things are stil being delevoped. Things like, instant payment system, iOS app, gig website etc.

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Exactly and all of that should hopefully been launched this month i am excited about what ETN news this whole month will bring us :grinning:

Q4 is the cryptotime in general, the time prices start picking up and that is natural. So i will try to explain why. in Q4 businesses are getting their profit and start paying out bonuses and benefits for their employees, and some of that money is going in to cryptos. So in my perspective the marketing should targeting companies that could be exposed for cryptos and not the speculativ side of cryptos like exchanges. So the big marketing towards end users i guess the community and the companies will be the tools for mass marketing.

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The basic ecosystem is not yet ready. But soon.