Advertising and Marketing in America job are there openings?

Are there any job openings? Q1 2019 is almost here and we need to set up shops and local business with ETN point of sales. I live near Boston ma. How do I apply as a marketing and advertising consultant?

@Rach Who handles this at headquarters?

We have some plans to recruit in 2019 and beyond and any jobs will appear on our website in due course.


I would love to work for Electroneum.!!..My day job is sooooo boring…:rofl::rofl:

Ok, but just don’t say that in an interview…


:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl: As if…For me , EVERYTHING is Boring at the moment…!..Except ETN :star_struck::star_struck:
Don’t be so serious…:wink::wink::laughing::laughing:

Yes the crypto market is a little boring right now. Hopefully it’ll pick up soon.