Advertisements on black cabs in London?


Hi all hope everyone is well just wanted to share a couple of my ideas with you lot. This is the first time I’ve posted on the forum so would be nice to receive some feedback :v:

Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about electroneum and believe in the project and I’m always looking for ways to spread the word of electroneum. so apart from having a YouTube channel I’m trying to look for other ways to help the cause and someone very close to me in my family runs a black cab business in London and he has over 200 black cabs in his Fleet plus access to an additional 200+ cabs and if you have been to London you see black cabs with advertisements everywhere… And after speaking with him he is open to the idea of putting advertisements on his cabs with electroneum advertisement. Obviously that’s weather electroneum want to advertise like that personally I would love to see electroneum advertisements everywhere so I wanted to get an opinion from the community whether you like this idea? Check pictures of other advertisements on black cabs below.

I also have another family member that has a fine dining restaurant in South Woodford London and after explaining to him about cryptocurrencies and etn instant payment system he is also open to the idea of being the first London restaurant to accept electroneum. I would like to also get your opinion whether you think it will be a good idea or not?

Peace and love :rocket::new_moon:


Good idea. Its about spend money and their impact to people. maybe team would like your idea… @ETNCEO @BegaMutex @Bee


I love the idea @CryptoTurk, that’s an interesting way to advertise and spread the word on Electroneum too. I think you should definitely reach out to @ETNCEO with this idea. I am sure he’ll see it here but it might also be a good idea to go to make an account on the support site and send it in via the suggestions link.



Its 1st british coin so LONDON can accept it for sure… some countries like product from their country… and its moving banner - good for us more visible in the whole LONDON megapolis with over how much 5 milion people??


its really awesome and please tag @Rachel


Excellent idea to get the word out there ’ i’d put it to the team


Great idea bro! Keep the good work up on youtube.


craking idea bro
think it is a good idea
its gonna take a wile for a lot of people to get aboard but rome wasnt built in a day
love your youtube channel as well

keep that up as its my go to youtube channel !!


Take look at amount of downloads at the bottom ---->


Great ideas and thoughts if they help spread the word and bring a little adoption along the way it all exposes ETN to the public so good luck.