Address verification


I was asked to send an address verification for KYC 2 .They did not accept it although all was on the gas account .But it is in Ukrainian language so I presume they could not read it.Surely as Electroneum is international they should have staff that can read it. What do i do now.


Perhaps try another address confirmation, maybe your driving license? Good luck.

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Check what they said in the rejection email.

It needs name, address and date, be a recent document and of course match the info you provided for lvl 2.

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Cool user nameā€¦ :slight_smile:


Of course it matches the name and address but it is in Ukrainian language .Where will we get an english address document here.Maybe I must change my names to ukrainian language (acrylic) in settings.after a big battle the documents were accepted but now that I am accepted for stage 2 I have been asked if I want to go for KYC 3 and again Yoti has been asked for. I dont want to do 3 and there I am stuck can not open my wallett at all nor my miner. I have told support and they again directed me to the forum. What should I do.


Please open up a support ticket, I am sure you are not the only one that have been dealt with under similar circumstances.


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