Addition to the ETN application

Is it just me or do they need an address book on the App so you can repeat send! And then all my mined will go to charities of my choice without having to look it up maybe use telephone number or email or a pseudo for it but let’s see an index in our who to send to!

An address book would be great I think, how about you?

  • Build an address book!
  • Don’t bother (lame)

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Place this in the ideas and recommendations section.

Better seen there. :+1::+1:

Great idea

Would like to add simething:

A column/tab to separate sent and received etn. Its confusing to look at transacrions if you cant classify them.

This opens up a whole new can of worms. You could set up a monthly donation of a certain number of etn every month to your favorite charity…kinda like the subscription feature.

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I don’t see why the participating NGO’s shouldn’t be listed in the app like the mobile carriers…

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Duplicate of (Adding contacts to wallet).

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