Adding More ETN to Paper Wallet


Hi, I’ve not used my paper wallet since December because I’ve just been holding my ETN. On the strength of the recent interview with Richard by Crypto Rich, I’ve just bought some more ETN and I want to send it to my existing paper wallet.
it’s been so long since I’ve done anything with a paper wallet that I’d just like to check it is okay to do this - top up an existing wallet. I’m 99% sure this is okay but I’m nervous!

I suppose this is a second question but it is what prompted the first question. I vaguely recall it is not possible to send a partial amount from a paper wallet and that you have to send all its contents to another wallet and then send back to a new paper wallet. Thinking about it now, that cannot be right, can it?

Thank you


Dont worry everything is good until u have all info… if u still want to check import the offline wallet to ur balance

After confirming send back etn to ur offline wallet


No do not send it back to the same paper wallet. Make a new one. Richard himself said to only use the same wallet once. After you pull in the full balance of the wallet and you want to send it back to a paper wallet…get a new one.


You are Absolutely Correct. It is okay to send more ETN to an Existing Wallet! And your Second point is also spot-on, you cannot transact a partial amount of ETN from a Paper Wallet - You would have to empty the Wallet and then re-send whatever amount you wish to store in the Wallet.
If we are talking tens of thousands of ETN then i would make a new paper wallet to send them to - just in case.
The thinking behind only using a wallet once is that in order to Empty it, your holding your phone up to the private spend key plus the public view key as well as your public key. Once anything connected to the internet has “Seen” all these keys… you should not re-use them if possible. Since a Paper Wallet is so cheap and easy to replace, that is whats recommended.


Thank you everyone for the quick replies. So, am I right in thinking the best sequence to get my new ETN to a paper wallet such that I end up with just one wallet is as follows:

  • Create a new paper wallet and send from the exchange (Cryptopia) to that wallet
  • Send all my ETN from the old paper wallet to the new paper wallet (I assume I can go direct)
  • Destroy the old paper wallet, although I suppose this does nothing really as it is now effectively empty.


I’ve just seen the flaw in that. I can’t go direct because I have no way to interact with 2 paper wallets. I’d have to send from the old to perhaps Electroneum’s web wallet then from that to the new wallet. Or perhaps I could use the CLI to go from one to another?


There is a few ways to achieve the same result, however the way i would do it is:

Import your ETN from your Current Paper Wallet to your ETN App on your mobile.
Send your ETN from Cryptopia To your Wallet Address on your App also.
Once both amounts have Arrived on your App Wallet… Send to your new Paper Wallet that you have since created.

Hope this helps.


Brilliant answer. Thnak you.

I use an iPhone but I have an android phone as well and had forgotten about the mobile app.
I’ll do as you suggest.

Very helpful.


I have tried it. I sent 20 ETN to my paper wallet to test this whole thing and then import from offline wallet for all 20. Its been 4 days…but the transaction was not completed until yesterday… today wallet is down so no way to check…I am not sure why import from offline wallet is this much slow that it takes days and ironically ETN team is talking about instant payment … :wink:

Also, i am not sure if there is a easy way to check my balance on paper wallet??


remember, it wil take a very long time, to sync the Paperwallet. So better import the paper wallet with your mobile app. And why not use the online wallet?


Electroneum has an Instant Payment System…not an Instant Transaction. When you import a paper wallet you are essentially importing a portion of the block chain but because it is block chain it takes a very long time for it to sync. Things like this are transactions. Syncing the block chain takes a long time. Processing a transaction takes (in most cases) about 2 min and making a payment is instant. The Instant Payment is a verification that the funds from source A will be able to be sent to source B. It is just verifying that this TRANSACTION can and will take place at a later time. the actual transaction happens behind the scenes, if you will, this is how the Instant Payment System works.