Add more languages and Currencies

Although I suggested this before on support but its been a while.
Bengali needs to be added as its the world 6th/7th :earth_africa:spoken language in the world and also the Bdt(Bangladeshi taka) currency is a must. Mobile users is over 140million and 80million have access to the internet according to a 2017 article. The numbers are rapidly growing and we are one of the fastest growing countries in Asia. Bangladeshis/Bengalis are around the world and also a part of India share our language.
If any help regarding the translation is needed I am always around , just ask. :innocent:

I would like others to comment their languages and their Currencies and why etn should add them in their app and the website.

Afrikaans should be nice :wink:
Some big speaking languages in South Africa, Zulu, Sotho, Xhosa?


I Think could be a good idea create different topic for different languagesā€¦

Thanks for this post - they mentioned that they will add 30 most used languages in the world here you have list of TOP10:
And here is the list of all languages:
And YES we miss some of the top10 - like you say - Bengaliā€¦
So i dont think that in app is so much text - so it wouldnt cost more than 200 pounds each new language to transalateā€¦ So i wish that team add 10+ more languages for better mass adoptionā€¦

Ahh nice to know, thanks.
Also happy to see Bengali in top 6.

I just found another list which is more informative for meā€¦ We need mass adoption in INDIA and there is a lot of languanges that we have not zet in the APP. I think that is our key region with over 1,3 billion people and a lot of poor that we can help to earn some moneyā€¦ Check it here.
What do you think guys. And what about Richard is there any plans to add more languages? @ETNCEO
Which language are you missing most or want you to add? I want Czech languageā€¦