Add community forum to app


Would it be possible to add a mobile version of the community forum to the app?


Thats a fantastic recommendation @Cryptoman976 .
So many of us would use it and it would give more people access to it.
Thanks for posting your suggestion!


That would be really cool, imagine down the line a really interactive app. That would gain so many Active Users if the content is really good!


I recommended this very same idea a while ago , they said they had passed it to the Devs , so fingers crossed this maybe one of the updates…


Its a damn good idea.


Yep Yep I agree down the road once the main functionality of the core business functionality and several new partners are on board. Lets focus on the mass adoption KYC and expansion in to new markets first.



I like this idea a lot but I’m not sure if they would be able to do this because of power usage.


It’s been on the roadmap for a awhile, don’t worry guys they got us covered :sweat_smile::sunglasses: with how super busy they have been they probably have had little time or they might already have something in the works. Richard has not mentioned anything in recent interviews. So we will have to wait and see…