Add BTC and other crypto for instant payments

When will ETN add other Crypto for instant payments? This will make the use case more powerful

jeez, one step at a time. let’s get our product bullet proof and ETN out in the market first

Question: What’s in it for the ETN ecosystem and hodler?

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If they integrated also others crypto - 1st they need to put there better 2Fa - maybe finger print or face detection…
if they integrate other people can use as option to store some coin online for payments - so means more downloads to our app

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As of now we dont know maybe we should wait for the update…

The instant payment system is free for the vendors to use but at some point in the future Electroneum will likely charge a fee like Visa and Mastercard.

Vendors that want to accept another crypto as payment though Electroneum’s instant payment system might have to pay a higher fee then they would if they accepted ETN.

This will generate massive revenue for Electroneum which I’m sure will only positively benefit the holders.

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I think other crypto will still be some ways away but I wouldn’t doubt that it will come eventually :wink: