Add a Fingerprint Scanner API to the Mobile Number Sign in System

Fingerprint scanners make sign in easier, and they don’t compromise security. For me, having to type in my PIN# every time I log into the miner is a bit tiring.

People in the target areas are reasonably unlikely to have fingerprint scanners on their phones…and seriously…typing six digits tires you out? :thinking: Yeah, it would be convenient, but not really important.

I cook for other people sometimes (requires I wash my hands a lot when I do). I also have to clean and handle fabric furniture (requires me to wash my hands). Add that to when I go to the bathroom (I always wash my hands afterwards) and also how often I handle dirty items in the warehouse and look down and have to again - wash my hands because I package items and I can’t leave dirty fingerprints on the packaging and also I everyday have to rip old packaging tape off of boxes which rips the fingerprints off my dry no oil hands and you want to enforce a fingerprint scanner on me?

Fingerprint scanners don’t work on me, my fingerprints are constantly changing. I can’t even use them on my pinky on my time clock at work, it just doesn’t work. My hands are so dry that I can run my hands over a high gloss wood finish and leave no trace and you can bring 100 people over and touch the same surface to do the same thing and they will scratch it up or leave oily fingerprints.

But you want to enforce a fingerprint scan…
I’m sure there are many people in developing countries that have much worse conditions than me when it comes to their hands.

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