Active mining amount

Question… why after announced Android cloud mining first active mining amount was growing up till 108000 people and now went down 100000? I understend now we mining even if app is off. That numbers are for me really strange… in my opinion it should go up a lot but insted went down a lot… any ideas why we see that?

I would say we are in the transition phase. Once everyone has switched it should stay pretty stable.


Agree the numbers are a bit odd. But yeah see how the numbers go March onwards…


Why mining in background in getting stopped. I am using cloud mining. Is it mean that mining is happening in background and every time I will refresh it will ask for login

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You have already set the cloud mining going for seven days (don’t forget to log back in and extend it.) Now you only need to log in to transfer coins or extend your miner. Nice and easy. Much better than the old mobile miner. Have a great weekend.

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This is being asked a lot…
It’s on the list of things to watch.

It’s possible that some people were mining on their families phone’s and created accounts with their information. But now they need a picture, and thus will only mine with their own phone now.

Uhm. Maybe even worse people could have been used a computer to emulate being 20 phone’s…the picture really helps catch bots.

Nothing is known for sure but the transition causes friction…

And one more thing… community almost 3M and active mining 101k… I know not everyone is interesting to mine but… only 101k (when we looking for 3rd world countries) sounds very strange… isn’t it?

simple answer that now we have zero bot activity i guess and that is good /perfect thing .just one account per person.

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But that is only around 3% of registeted people… in my opinion too less

on the other hand not everyone interested in mining. so that is one reason i guess but yea i like that much best project ever and we are happy with > :wink:

Still very less. I am holder too but still mining becouse… why not?.. if that is free…Yeah… I see bright future… hope we will see bull run on all crypto soon too

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