Active Miners in the iOS app

Does anyone know how the active miner amount works? I mean… why do we have almost 3m users but not even 100k miners?


Itsbecause a lot of people stopped using it because it would disconnect a lot. Cloud miner solves that problem. Number should start increasing now and more so when cloud miner is avilable for android.


I have wondered if the current numbers I see in Android include the new cloud miners or not.

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Once it is available on Android is when the true numbers will come. It has gone up with the release of the ios but it will be much higher once cloud mining is on both os


Is there a cap on how much u can earn via iso mining?

Not that I’m aware of.

the cap is a bit less than 8 billion etn (minus the amount airdropped already) divided by the number of miners i.e. if we disregard the already airdropped amount and use the number of miners of this moment then it is 80k etn/miner.

if all the 3 million registered users were mining then the max would be 2.6k etn/miner

if the number of miners goes up to 100 million then 80 etn / miner is the max.

here is the link about the premined amount


BTW by the time we’ll have 100mill miners the price of 1 etn will probably be much higher so the monthly airdrop/miner will be much less

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Have a look at active miners now it’s going up pretty fast with the release of cloud mining on Android.

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