Account Level 3 Evideance

I am trying to piece together the information required to meet the Account Level 3 status and I have the following concerns.

Firstly I purchased some ETN Tokens during the ICO which was over a year ago therefore your state which states ‘Your documents should be less than 3 months old’ makes no sense if I am to provide say a bank statement from a year ago.

Secondly, will showing receipts from the companies I used to buy bitcoin as well as the transactions from the exchanges I used to buy ETN suffice as evidence for source of funds documentation?

Thirdly, as Electroneum has removed the initial bitcoin address(shown on that I used to purchase Electroneum during the ICO I am unable to work out when I send the bitcoin and from which bitcoin address I used at the time. Shouldn’t this initial ICO purchase be shown under transactions on the Electroneum website ?

Finally, I am unhappy with the withdrawal limits that have been imposed to withdraw my ETN tokens, only allowing 10,000 euro every 3 months severely restricts my ability to react to the market and therefore choose a good time to make a profit. Electroneum has made terms and conditions up as they have gone along and I don’t agree with being told how and when I can access my tokens, can this limit be removed on my account ?


The documents you have to send don’t have to be the ICO documents, ETN just have to comply with the law, which is why they’re asking for recent documents.

Again, take a quick look at the KYC FAQ and you’ll see what documents are accepted or not for KYC.

The level 3 is not MAX 10k€ worth per 3 month but from 10k to unlimited, which means you can transfer for over 10k€ worth of ETN

A quick look at the KYC FAQ would’ve given you answers to your questions.