Accepting ETN on website

Hi , I recently created a small business and website (using godaddy). I have very little experience with web development but I would hoping someone would be able to help me integrate ETN’s API into my store.

Hi @thejahcoop

The API is still in beta, but you might be able to get in on it. Go to the electroneum website and login in to your account. Then go to the Vendor Settings tab on the left.

You will see this:

I have never done it myself, but that should get you started!

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try this topic
@egg is the goto on this subject

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The API is a good place to start, it also links to our GitHub PHP libraries to help you develop a little easier & faster :slight_smile::



Thank you everyone. I will look into everyone’s suggestions and simply create a new ETN account for the business for the time being. I suppose I could simply post the QR code on my site.

There is another option, I’ve built an example using Joomla platform shown here 10 Hours of work for a fully functional Electroneum accepted ecommerce website

But you can chose from several different platforms.

Though if you do have time learn, Egg’s method is the best.

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