Accepting ETN for water in Mexicali any ideas

I’ve been going back and forth every day I live in Mexico in Mexicali Baja California I cross to calexico CA and one big thing I notice was money exchanges on both sides of the thing I’ve been trying to get started is accepting ETN for waster to drink that stays open 24 hours in Mexicali.

good initiative! @ETNCEO are there any etn employees there to help this?


I lived in TJ, Mexico for 2.5 years. I used to sell washers and dryers there as I was a repairman trained by my father in Oceanside, CA… There was a lot of those money exchange places there.

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I was walking around in the calexico then I ran into a coinflip machine in a market I only live like 10 min away from thats how I knew I wanted to get into digital currency and the water idea happen when I was waiting in line to cross I could be random at times.

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