Accepting etn for rent payments

rentberry tried it but they failed horribly despite a 25 million $ ico (by wasting all the money)
electroneum could do the same, but succeed. if etn is accepted by vendors, it’s just a small step to a airbnb like platform that allows etn payments.

I like that idea a lot. That said everything takes time and a certain progression must unfold. IMO once ETN is considered being used daily, so many vendors will want to jump on board it will be crazy. Those that are out there now on the edge of being in the know, the air bnb owners (let’s be serious here as they were offering an alternative to hotels and motels being on the cutting edge of those services for years) they can simply put signs up to indicate they take ETN it’s almost like we need a hub so those un-educated about ETN can learn about it then get registered to be a certified ETN patriot or something along those lines!!! This way ETN doesn’t have to go to them, they go to ETN and sign up via the Patriot Affiliation Program (I just made that up has a nice ring to it!) via a program initiation or something. Anyways I love your idea and I think it will naturally work into the ecosystem for those savvy enough to be in the know and want to give there customers additional payment options!


Plus the added benefit is the people using those services are travelling and what do travellers do? They tell everyone else about their travelling experiences good or bad! That can help speed the ETN gospel to the masses! SO yeah big thumbs up from me love the idea!!!


It’s not ready yet for that but i agree. Progression is needed still, like he says about velocity of money.

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