Accepting Bitcoin and other crypto as payment options on Anytask

This is kind of my first topic here that isn’t a complaint.
Thanks for taking care of my previous problems.

I am a seller on and I have received messages from people asking if they could pay with bitcoin.
I sadly had to tell them it hadn’t been implemented yet. This is how the suggestion got into my head.

The current payment pattern is this (I believe): The buyer pays in USD which is converted to etn and helps with the inflow of etn into the crypto space.
All sellers are paid in etn which is a nice move that will help the mass adoption of etn in the World.

If we can ( be the Crypto Freelance Site that accepts other forms of Crypto as payment options, our popularity will skyrocket as there are tons of buyers who would love to Pay straight from their Crypto accounts instead of converting it to USD first or using their credit cards.

This I believe will make us (Anytask) into the top dogs in the Crypto freelance world which shouldn’t be a big challenge since it’s already being managed by capable hands.

With this in place, getting high-quality sellers to open accounts on will be easy since every freelancer wants to get paid for their work, and hearing that you get to keep 100% of your earnings will already get them falling over themselves to have a share of the pie. At least that’s what I’d do:).

I’m making this suggestion because we already have a way of converting USD to etn. so getting a way to Convert other Crypto to etn shouldn’t be such a herculean task. I don’t really know. it’s not my field. It’s just a suggestion. Maybe some API or something.

If this is implemented, the Ads should be: Anytask (The Crypto Freelance Site with 10 times the quality).
With that, we’ll probably be off to an amazing start.

If this works, then we could expand on it by giving rewards to people who use etn specifically to purchase tasks on the site. People usually respond well to rewards.

This should help etn grow in popularity and Binance would be the ones Calling, not the other way round.

This is a lovely platform and I’m quite proud to be a part of it.
I do apologize for not arranging my thoughts properly. English isn’t really my native language. Though it’s the only language I know. Sort of.

Hey. Not a bad suggestion. Currently the ability to pay with ETN as a buyer is in the works. I can’t remember the ETA on that but it is coming.I have not heard any mention of other cryptos.


I do like this suggestion. Any crypto payments could then be converted to ETN to the seller like USD is currently. I don’t know if there are legal ramifications for Anytask to do this as they are not supposed to be handling crypto directly at all…but if it is possible, I would like this too!


Been waiting a while to use etn to buy tasks on anytask. This has been announced a while back.
I bet if etn team will implement accepting other cryptos for payment, it will take quite a while.
They will say “lawyers”.

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