About Trading On The Exchanges

I wanna know if the trading fees charge on the various exchanges are one time payment?
Taking Ku coin for instance the trading fee is 0.1%,Is this only one time payment or they will deduct that percentage on every buy/sell??
Help me out.

As far as I’m aware it’s every time you trade , buy or sell . That’s craptopia might be different elsewhere. Bt I’m sure it’s everytime you trade.


It every transaction mate.


The amount of buy/sell orders you place is irrelevant, the mount of ETN you are selling/buying is the only thing you need to be interested in. It is a flat fee on the amount of ETN you are trading. 0.1% of buying 50,000 ETN would be a fee of 0.5 ETN (1 penny)
For the avoidance of doubt: You could have placed the buy/sell order as 5 batches of 10,000 ETN, or 1 whole batch of 50,000 ETN…and the fees would have been still 0.5 ETN.

Hope this is of some use.


it’s for every time you make a trade mate and for every time you have to withdraw

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