About the: Tell us your trusted Crypto resources (global)


Tell us your trusted Crypto resources (global)

ETN wants to know your top journalists, Bloggers and Vloggers!

Hi everyone, we’re doing some in-house market research and would love to know who the top tech/crypto journalists are in your country!

If you’re native to China, Brazil, South Korea, Turkey, Japan etc. then we’d love to know who you guys follow to keep, up-to-date with all the latest crypto trends.

Find your country listed and tell us who your favourite influencers are!


It’s great to read this! I’m Brazilian I own the YouTube Electroneum Brazil Channel! And it’s going to be great is closing this partnership directly with the Electroneum Team.


Boa tarde … Incrível , cada dia que passa, vejo uma impressionante evolução na ETN … Atualmente temos no Brasil mais pessoas investindo em Criptomoedas do que na Bolsa de valores , temos um mercado que aceita bem essa nova tecnologia … Nossos principais influenciadores são : Sites. radarbtc , guiadobitcoin, portalbitcoin e os influenciadores de canais de YouTube: Fernando Ulrich ,aprendizado cripto,59 segundos ,investimos digitais , Epaminondas Bitcoin , Bitnada e DashDinheiroDigital … Atualmente as maiores influências no seguimento de criptomoedas. Aguardo ancioso para Etn fazer a evolução


Just a point , you should have a section for Africa and for Far East Asia ,


My trusted one is bitcoout.com
Generally they publishing latest and updated news.
Name is Obvious but the contents are worth to follow :joy:






Hi folks,

Thanks for all your feedback so far!

Just to clarify, we really want to know:

  • the crypto news sites you read every day
  • the crypto news sites you read every week
  • the crypto blogs you read
  • the crypto influencer videos you watch

We really appreciate the help you’ve given us already and would love to know if you have any more thoughts and insights.



He hosts God morning crypto every day. Also preparers overviews of crypto


This is my top twitter crypto recource: