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In recognition of ETN’s first anniversary, the ETN team has decided to put together: ‘Richard Ells does Mean Tweets’.

Over the past year, we’ve experienced a lot of love and support from the community. But we’ve also had the odd troll or two.

So we’re putting together a vote for you all to recommend the meanest (or daftest) Tweets we’ve been tagged in. The best will be read by the man who created Electroneum, Richard Ells on camera and shared with you all via the ETN social channels.

Get hunting. Post your best Mean Tweet suggestions here. And vote for your favourites.

We’ll do the rest.

(Please note: NEW Tweets will NOT be accepted. Tweets will only be chosen from those posted between 01/11/17 and 09/11/17. 10 Tweets will be chosen overall.)


Wow really lol

Sooooo many to choose from ok…

Had to add this one

Hahahha really I bet this blokes still got his

Classic from this guy
Bit rude but funny

There ya go , hope others add mean tweets , FB posts etc …
Going to be great to see if Richard can keep a straight face…

When game , when binance when lambo hahahahhaha


when is this going out?