About the community helping the team

I’ve seen some people in the community lately who seem to be put off by the idea of the community doing things to help spread the growth of ETN, such as creating an account on Huobi to show community interest, and other ways that Richard and the team have asked for engagement from the community. I find this to be incredibly childish. How did Bitcoin grow? Did it have a team doing “the marketing”, or was it an organic growth that came from people taking responsibility for themselves…learning about the tech, telling others, etc. Crypto is not for lazy people. The fact that some people in this community(certainly not all) expect the ETN team to do all the work and achieve mass adoption of this coin without help from the community is probably most disappointing thing I’ve seen yet.

Good point man. There is some truth about it. Thanks for this impulse. Everybody can do a little.

Peace out

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