About multiple mining in same phone

can i use multiple accounts to mine in same phone at same time if yes then how can i do it
and is legal or not

No, it is not allowed, and you will be banned. You have to use one account/phone.
And if you use multiple phones with multiple accounts, those will be banned as well with time, if you can’t provide any identification.
Each person has to have only one account.

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No one phone one account … It’s in the terms and conditions

Section 17.2.2

17.1 The App provides access to our mobile mining function through which ETN may be periodically added to your pending balance whilst the app remains running on your mobile phone and connected to https://electroneum.com(“ Mobile Miner ”).

17.2 You must:

17.2.1 only use the Mobile Miner on mobile phones and not on any other device;

17.2.2 only use the Mobile Miner on one mobile phone per account and only one account per person, which you hold with us;

17.2.3 not emulate the Mobile Miner on any device regardless of whether physical or virtual;

17.2.4 not adapt, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or modify the Mobile Miner; and

17.2.5 only use the Mobile Miner for lawful purposes.

17.3 Any breach of clause 17.2 shall entitle us to permanently disable your access to the Mobile Miner without further notice to you.

17.4 You are responsible for ensuring that your mobile phone meets the minimum system requirements set out at clause 22.

17.5 In order to benefit from use of the Mobile Miner your mobile phone must be connected https://electroneum.comand the App must be running on it. You must monitor your use of the App and we shall not be liable in any way for any loss, damage, expense or liability you may incur (including mobile data or other charges) as a result of your use of the App.

17.6 The amount of any payment of ETN made by us to you, the payment threshold and rate at which ETN may be added to your pending balance as a result of your use of the Mobile Miner, are subject to change and determined by us at our absolute discretion. We offer no representation, warranty or guarantee as to the amount of ETN which may be generated through your use of the Mobile Miner.

17.7 We make no warranty, representation or guarantee as to the regulatory or tax status regarding your access and use of the Mobile Miner: please refer to clauses 9 and 10 of these terms.


if my one acount is banned can i create another

if my acconut is baned how can i mine

To be honest I do not know , as this decision is down to etn support . I’m not sure how they would proceed they might allow you back on or they might block your i.p address totally.

The best solution is to contact support direct , apologize for your situation and see what they reply with , they may unblock your account .


You shouldn’t try to cheat the system .

@Rach can you advise @2777e81f97449fef06a1 as to what he can or can’t do . Thanks

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Cheating usually doesn’t end up to something positive anyways. :smiley:


Very true …

I guess he has to decide to stick to one account and maybe let him use that, with no restrictions.

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You can open as many as you want but if your IP gets banned opening wont help any more.
Once banned the chances are you wont be back for mining.
However your wallet will be open but mining wont.

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Banned is banned I guess…

Shouldn’t cheat


so if I am to understand correctly. I cannot use multiple phones each with a electroneum miner on each with a single account? just wanted to clarification as I don’t remember there being any limitations prior. in short I cannot have multiple phones running the ETN miner on a single account correct or not?

On our terms and conditions it says:

17.2.2 only use the Mobile Miner on one mobile phone per account and only one account per person, which you hold with us;

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions in future.


dont do it - it’s not cool.

well I am not doing it as I can’t even do it anyway. tested it earlier. as far as the TOS. was not aware of that but living is learning ain’t it?

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