Ability to invite users to ETN Mobile App & auto capture referral code


Hi Electroneum

Could someone pass this to the Android team?
I ‘believe’ it can be used to:

Allow users to auto generate ‘Download Electroneum App’ referal links, that EMBED their referral code.

This code is then passed to the install package via Fire base / Google Play where it could be picked up and auto-used.

We could then generate urls or QR codes to easily invite others, and gain referals with 1 click


I was about to post the same and saw yours. Could not agree with you more. I mean, every time i refer to people about electroneum and ask them to download the app & mobile miner. The moment i ask them to key in my referral code, it already sounds like a scam of some sort and awful moment when they feel i am introducing the miner just for the purpose of getting some ETN from their effort mining.

All this could be avoided by just having referral link embedded in download link. Something for Electroneum team to consider to encourage referral and word of mouth spread.