A warning to one and all


I’m no expert but I smell serious capitulation coming…Are you ready for it if it does happen? Just a fair warning. Every time price drops it seems no one is prepared even tho they always say they are.


for me i don’t care about the price but yea i’m in the same tune with you .


I just feel like people preach:" Im long! HODL! The coin can go to zero and Im fine! Im using money I dont care about so it’s fine". Then price goes down 35% and they cant handle it. Lol


I dont care to. my investment is longterm. The price can do what he wants but i keep hodeling


fuds can do that .not real ETN warrior :sunglasses::heart_eyes: we are in the same boat strongly hodl and spreading etn can solve the price dropping issue I think.


That’s some awesome analysis and reasoning you have for this warning. Care to elaborate or are you sticking with the smell analysis? I smell something in the air too and it also has something to do with capitulation/dumping.

You may be correct, you have a 50/50 shot. But statements without substance is unsubstantiated speculation which doesn’t help the emotional state of the typical crypto investor.


It can go up…or it can go down. Problem is, a lot of people only think it will go up tomorrow and invest more than they should. It is a fair warning for the guy who preordered his lambo for the end of the year. Lol.


Also, if the typical investor can’t see astranger say capitulation is a possibility,he needs a thick skin crash course before he gets REKT. Haha. In all seriousness. This market isnt for the faint. XD


This is where your smell test is inaccurate. There really are not a lot of people thinking it will go up at all. In fact, the consensus is it will fall to 3k and lower. I don’t have an opinion either way. But the market typically does the opposite of what the consensus thinks. So, we’ll see. People will do what people will do. The cycles depend on it. I’m just going to sit back and watch.


You know, I agree. Problem with goui ing against the crowd is that you start to think…wait by going against the crowd, am I becoming the crowd? Do I need to go against it again to actually be against the crowd. Lol. Inception.


lol, who knows at this point. What I do know is I need to go capitulate…if you’ll excuse me. :slight_smile:


Now I smell a dump incoming. Hahahaha




If this is your opinion of me, does itnow include you in the picture also? Haha


Do you speak or only communicate in pictures? Lol


I dont care about price couse with every drop in value i must buy more just to lower my $/ETN


It can’t go to zero… come on…


You’d be surprised. I see people say that. Lol


BUY, BUY, SO cheap on Cryptopia right now WOW!!! BAg loads more ETN for me!! NO sad faces happy faces because buying is what you want to do right now DON’T DELAY BUY TODAY!!! (I am not a financial advisor just an excited electroneum holder. Speaking to your dog might be a better bet for financial advice. Actually do your own research then come to your own conclusions then go buy more ETN!!!)



Geee, every time I buy it goes up or down.
Then I kick myself for not buying more.
So to forgive myself and to get over my pain I buy more.
It feels so good to buy more that I just buy more and more to satisfy my need for more Electroneum.