A thought. Re: donations


If my.electroneum.com could host a php page, which would show a users qr-code, and maybe a textbox where someone could enter an etn value on the fly (thus redrawing the qr)

Then ANY site could provide a ‘donate’ button or url by linking it to this site. Sure, it won’t be instant payment, but that doesn’t matter so much for donations
(Music, videos, whatever).

I.E https://my.electroneum.com/donations.php?etn-it-1234567890


Sure, something like that could work. But if you scroll down to the bottom of the page here: that “setup” could also easily be turned into a basic wordpress(etc.) plugin or addon to be incorporated into websites. I realise of course that that wouldn’t cover everyone as per your idea…


Thanks for the response,
I was thinking that rather than a web admin choosing to integrate etn, that websites users (e.g. YouTube, reddit ) could simply paste their url into whatever text box was provided.

It would be useful in situations where posting an image (qr code) isn’t possible, or instead of a big, ugly qr code,a tiny round etn lightning bolt icon.


Yes, I get that… : )