A thought. Re: donations


If my.electroneum.com could host a php page, which would show a users qr-code, and maybe a textbox where someone could enter an etn value on the fly (thus redrawing the qr)

Then ANY site could provide a ‘donate’ button or url by linking it to this site. Sure, it won’t be instant payment, but that doesn’t matter so much for donations
(Music, videos, whatever).

I.E https://my.electroneum.com/donations.php?etn-it-1234567890


Sure, something like that could work. But if you scroll down to the bottom of the page here: that “setup” could also easily be turned into a basic wordpress(etc.) plugin or addon to be incorporated into websites. I realise of course that that wouldn’t cover everyone as per your idea…


Thanks for the response,
I was thinking that rather than a web admin choosing to integrate etn, that websites users (e.g. YouTube, reddit ) could simply paste their url into whatever text box was provided.

It would be useful in situations where posting an image (qr code) isn’t possible, or instead of a big, ugly qr code,a tiny round etn lightning bolt icon.


Yes, I get that… : )


Is there anything in progress on this idea? Personally would like a donation Wordpress plugin. But however we could maske it work would be fine. Thanks, Thomas


Something like this



You will need to alter your transaction ID every single time, you could do this on the weboage by generating the id from a timestamp, ip address, mac address, random etc.

Simply create an icon and hyperlink it to a similar address

NOTE: This only works with an Electroneum vendor wallet


People from all over the world, with different income situations come to website. They would need to be able to set their own donation amount. Paypal Donations works great for all those within the US banking system. But 60% of our followers are from outside it.
Not that the team needs more to do, but am suggesting a Wordpress Donations plugin. Thanks much. I’m a believer. I post my deposit address onsite now, but that is very confusing for the untaught.
Thomas Holm


I know it’s not the best way if doing it,
But if you know a bit of JavaScript or other web code
You could add an input-box or a prompt to the site

This requests an amount of ETN / local currency to donate.

Or something similar…

Then use the link in an icon like…

https://link.electroneum.com/jWEpM5HcxP?vendor=" & wallet & “/” & payment_id & “/” & etn_amount


https://sendetn.to/bernard/1000 Like this? Change the amount in the URL.


Donations are welcome :joy:


Where do I get that donation “send” page for my website?