A Thought Bought About by Sir Rich!

Mighty lord Rich, once said there are many people who do not use there ETN, most of this people might of come from ICO days or a little later with the idea we would be getting serious on the gaming side, via Sir Dunc, The unbanked will off course use there ETN, but most of it will be give aways.

Once this anytask is up and running and we have populated various dictatorships with free coins, could we see a hint of dipping into our wondrous coin into the gaming world, you know the ones which has money to waste and buy ETN.

Also very keen on going forward, to have some safe guards in place, ie. If somebody managed to get all my details or hold a gun to my head, i could only transfer a limited amount of my holding, assuming you have KYC lvl 3. I understand these products will come in the future, why not be a trailblazer and make this the SAFEST coin as well as the most ECO coin. This would only require a day of planning, a day of coding and a day of troubleshooting. Would be my guess with your excellent staff`s skill sets :slight_smile:

As for a little silly idea, my guess is the Dollar and the Euro will go this year, once trumpet is re-elected. 2 buffoons in charge of western world. Im going there because the bankers are already there, research jackson island`. Crypto is becoming the thing we see, banks are going, more products will be incorporating it and they are heading in our direction.

What do we need to do kind sir?

Huck Finn?

Just hunker down, and enjoy the ride, as Bill Hicks used to say.

Good to see an MeP said the Euro was dead yesterday :wink: just building up to the collaspe of the gold backed euro and mainstreaming crypto. We do live in fun times. Uk will be apart of it, as we are the centre of most stuff in the world imho :wink: Did you know Spain and Germany printed there own currency way back in 2012 :wink: ready and waiting, and im sure the other countrys have there old paper printed.

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I think he says it here best!

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