A Solid Revenue for Electroneum


Basic maths guys, that I did on the basis that we have 5 million active users spending their currency.
With 5m users on board and everyone moves $30 worth of transactions 6x times in a year. We would have 1$billion worth of currency moving through the system. (33.333m transactions annually)
Thats approx 1500 coins being moved at todays. Where Electroneum take approx 2cents per $30. Total Revenue:- $666,666 in etn for Electroneum. Not bad. Signs of a solid company:)…

My Video is on YouTube:- https://youtu.be/-1XJ9Kodd2s


There are so many signs that we are on the right track. I have full faith in the Electroneum team. Great explanation on the video too. I was going to post your vid after I saw it today.


Hi thanks man appreciate it. Early days on the video front but alot of great things going for Electroneum:)